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Linkedin Articles vs. Business Blog

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Pros and Cons of both and relevant examples of how both can be useful.

What are Linkedin Articles?

Articles are Linkedin's form of blog space. It's more long-form than what you'd get out of a traditional LinkedIn post. When an Article is shared it looks similar to how a news article would look on say Facebook or Twitter. They are great if you already have a large following that interacts heavily with your traditional posts and when shared it appears to be coming from a legitimate source. This is great for motivational speakers, business coaches, and C-Suite level executives who are sharing tips and tricks of the trade.


  • Builds authority on Linkedin

  • Larger audience with the ability for people not in your network to see and interact with it.

  • People are already on Linkedin and that makes it easy for people to come across your Article

  • Ability to use hashtags to further reach

  • People already follow specific hashtags, so when using these they can come up in people's feeds without having to be in their network


  • More competition on Linkedin with other people who have more of a following

  • Basic Analytics

  • The algorithm can be harmful when you're sharing time-sensitive information

  • It's not your site or your brand

  • Can only be posted and written from your personal account

  • Cannot be created from a company page

  • Not designed for lead generation

What's a Business Blog?

In this format, I mean a blog that is attached to your business's website or your personal brand's site. This is somewhat of a traditional blog but is more pointed so that it directs eyes back to your business/ brand.


  • Customize appearance and format

  • Doubles as organic SEO to the site it's hosted on

  • Can easily drive traffic from the blog to the rest of the website and services offered

  • Better more in-depth analytics through Google Analytics


  • Hard to build an audience

  • Driving people to the blog takes time

  • Setting up site initially and keeping it up over time

Linkedin Article Examples

How Linkedin Articles Look


All of this to say that there is nothing wrong with posting the same content on BOTH mediums. Google won't shadowban your posts on either platform for this. It's actually encouraged since most blog host sites tend to promote your posts in their own sphere to gain maximum traction.

Download this blog post as a presentation/ PDF:

Recycled Media - LinkedIn Articles vs
. B
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