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the Nitty-gritty

Did you know that every 7-10 years you should refresh your brand? Whether thats an up to date website, logo, or just a regroup to get you back on track. We can handle it!

Branding is the solid foundation that fortifies your business in a competitive landscape. It's the sturdy workbench upon which your reputation and credibility are built. In this industry, branding is your trusted toolbox, equipping you with the tools to establish a strong presence and foster long-term success.

A well-defined brand serves as a beacon of trust and expertise in the recycling world. It showcases your business's core values, craftsmanship, and commitment to excellence. Through branding, you establish a distinctive identity that sets you apart from competitors, instilling confidence in potential customers and encouraging repeat business.

Every element of your branding strategy is carefully calibrated to resonate with your target audience. From your logo that symbolizes your craftsmanship and reliability, to your tagline that encapsulates your unique selling proposition, every aspect conveys professionalism and competence. Your brand voice communicates your expertise and dedication, fostering trust and loyalty among clients.

So, embrace branding as your blueprint for success, and watch your  business thrive. Utilize your brand to showcase your expertise, build trust, and solidify your position as a reliable and respected industry player. With branding as your foundation, you'll lay the groundwork for a prosperous future, leaving a lasting legacy in the recycling industry that we know today.

The Problem

A client has several scrap yards throughout a few states and each yard was posting indepentently. They wanted to create a new unifed brand that encompassed the yards, new business ventures, and podcasts they were beginning to host. 

Our Solution

Recycled Media looked at their target market and revamped their branding to understand what their customer base would respond to.

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